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Electronic Data Interchange

Thank you for your interest in establishing an electronic commerce relationship to conduct health plan transactions.

Below is a list of clearinghouses that have established a direct connect with Frates. Locate your Clearinghouse in the list and use the Payor ID shown to route claims to Frates or OSMA Health (formerly PLICO Health).

If your clearinghouse does not appear in the list please contact them directly and express your desire to send claims electronically to Frates and/or OSMA Health, (formerly PLICO Health).

Under HIPAA requirements we maintain a compliant method of sending and receiving your transactions at no cost to you or your designated clearinghouse. We are willing to establish this connection with your clearinghouse. Until your clearinghouse is willing to complete this relationship we will be unable to fulfill your request to establish an electronic transaction methodology.

If you are interested we can establish a direct connection with you to carry out HIPAA compliant transactions. As a Business Associate of multiple health plans we have committed the resources necessary to complete the required transactions.

For additional information regarding our electronic transaction capabilities please contact our EDI Analyst, 405-290-5768.

Clearinghouse Payor ID
Affiliated Network Services, LLC (ANS) Dental = CLF01
Professional = CLF99
Institutional = CLF99
Availity CLFR2
CareVu Corporation CLFR2
ClaimLogic CLFOK
Dentrix/NIS (National Information Services Clearinghouse) CLF01
Electronic Network Systems, Inc (ENS) CLFR2
Emdeon (WebMD/Envoy/NEIC) Dental= CX075
Professional= 73071
Institutional= 73071
Gateway EDI, Inc. CLFRS (with EMC type of 047)
GHN-Online Professional Payor ID= CLFCMHCX12
Institutional Payor ID= CLFCMUBX12
Healthcare Administration Technologies, Inc (HAT, Xpack) Payor Name = C.L. Frates
Infinedi, LLC Payor ID= C. L. Frates and Company
Payor ID= OSMA Health (formerly PLICO)
McKesson Corporation Professional CPID= 2279
Institutional CPID= 1900
MedAvant Healthcare Solutions (fka ProxyMed, Inc.) CLFR2
Navicure (routed through McKesson) Professional CPID= 2279
Institutional CPID= 1900
NDC Health CLFR2
NIS (National Information Services)/DENTRIX CLF01
Per-Se’ Technologies CLFR2
Secure EDI aka Affiliated Network Services, LLC (ANS) Dental = CLF01
Professional = CLF99
Institutional = CLF99
SSI Group, Inc. 99999-0670
THIN (The Health Information Network) CLFR2
Tesia Clearinghouse LLC CX075
WebMD (Emdeon/Envoy/NEIC) Dental= CX075
Professional= 73071
Institutional= 73071
ZirMed Z1147

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